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About Me

This is my portfolio of websites. They have been recreated from original designs using new techniques, and for the purpose of fitting all screen sizes. It's been a steep learning curve, and one which not have been possible without the help of that brilliant teaching website, W3Schools!. Where would I be without them!

It's not been easy, but certainly a lot easier than attempting something like this without the assistance of W3Schools!. In fact, I would honestly have to say I would not even have attempted to something like this without a large chunk of help - without easy-to-learn lessons, examples, etc.

I hope you like (at least) one of my websites. Although some are basic in nature, they are designed to be helpful and informative. Some are of personal interest, but with wide-ranging social implications (such as Enjoy - hopefully!

NB. The photo of a wolf? My first domain name was It's got a bit more complicated since then!

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