About this domain name and webpage

Please note that this webpage exists merely to advertise it's presence. There are no fixed plans for development of this website at this time. However, it will be revisited at some point in the future to detmine it's purpose.

If, however, you wish to make a substantial offer for the domain name, then please contact me via the email puzzle.

How to email me using the grid below.
Combine all the letters together and add @ the website name.
1st letter: 7 down, 3 across.
2nd letter: 3 down, 5 across.
3rd letter: 2 down, 8 across.
4th letter: 8 down, 1 across.
5th letter: 1 down, 9 across.
1 down, 1 across = q
2 down, 2 across = a

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